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Her eyes read over what Lily had written once, and then a second time to ensure she wasn't making a mistake.

Seeing Lily had been a shock for Kimiko, she had been so focused on the corpse that everything else in the room had faded from her vision. A stupid mistake, especially considering how close Isabel was. It was lucky that it had been Lily in the room and not Isabel. If it had been Isabel, Kimiko would have been dead.

Isabel was in the back room. Kimiko hadn't even noticed the doors when she had entered. She ran her gaze over Lily, assessing her potential as a threat. She didn't have anything on her person Kimiko could identify as a weapon. Still Kimiko was unsure of whether or not Lily was trustworthy. There was always the chance the other girl had a weapon hidden just like Kimiko did herself. Kimiko did have a height advantage though and if Lily wanted to harm her she had been presented with an opportunity while Kimiko had been distracted.

The question of why Lily was letting her know Isabel was nearby did play across Kimiko's thoughts. It seemed pretty simple, either Lily was genuinely cautioning her of the fellow killer in the next room or what Kimiko thought was more likely due to the circumstances; Lily hoped they'd end up killing the other or they would each end up dying in the fight.

Slowly nodding her understanding at Lily, Kimiko slowly stepped past her and towards the double doors she had pointed at earlier. Her heartbeat quickened with each step she took towards the doors. The fact she knew exactly what awaited her on the outside did scare her. She wasn't going to lie to herself, but at the same time she felt compelled to go and meet the other girl. Kimiko was familiar with Isabel and what she had been doing on the island. Turning back to Lily, Kimiko signaled for her to wait where she was. She was glad for the darkness because she was sure her eyes would have betrayed the confidence with which she was moving. She didn't want Lily nearby though, in case things went bad, a third body in the way would make things messy. The dull throb in her leg that her been present ever since the attempted robbery the day before returned as if reminding her of the danger she was in. Slowly she slid her pack off and placed it down, if Isabel attacked her straight away, which Kimiko had no reason not to expect she needed to be as mobile as possible. She hoped it didn't come to that.

They were both killers but Kimiko hoped even a little that Isabel was like her, a normal person and not some monster.

As she turned away from Lily, Kimiko took a deep breath and forced her grip on the tantō and nodachi even tighter, her fingers constricting around them like a lifeline in a storm. The next few minutes or seconds would be some of the most dangerous and important of her life.

Her mouth silently forming a prayer she pushed the double doors open as quietly as possible and stepped even deeper into Diyu.
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