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The crucial crucible of American conservatism. Judaical and executive overreach. The overstaying of liberal and progressive power on the domestic front. The success of conservative presidents on the foreign front. Yes, that would do nicely.

A sharp, honed mind proved an adaptable one. She switched trains of thought with bureaucratic, rubber-stamped ease.

Latanna smiled.

She didn't bite.

"I did, didn't I? That's fair. I just wish you'd be more honest with me in the future!"

And her smile was sweet in teaspoons. A trap for insects had to be properly honeyed to be set, after all. No, but this time she meant it. Poor Olivia. Someday she'd learn. But hopefully not in a dramatic fashion. The impetus for change, as history so often proved, was the brink. Latanna knew well how she'd react when pushed to that proverbial edge. She'd investigated Olivia enough to feel this was a metric where she and Olivia did not match heads.

Among many other things. Most of them petty and innocuous. To be fair!

((Latanna Beckstead continued in Carry the Fire))

"So what do you have so far, Olivia? I've managed thirty pages this quarter hour, and I think there is a solid case to be built within our respective means."
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