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Maria thought about what Michael had just said to her. Was he in a way right? That almost all the students here were just a crack away from breaking and killing others? Heck, even she had been thinking of killing someone else before Michael somewhat managed to change her mind. Being an avenger was better than being a player of this sick, twisted game, right? If she hadn't seen Michael at all..... Maybe she would on the announcements. Dead as a victim or alive as a killer.

She felt a shiver go through her body.

It was actually quite terrifying to think about. She never wanted any of this shit to happen. But they were just really unlucky. Those terrorists must really be enjoying the show. She wished that she could get her hands on them instead to make them pay. But the one who was going to pay right now was going to be Al.

She wasn't going to let him get away again. At least Alvaro was nowhere in site with that fucking gun of his. This was going to be a lot more easier for her and Michael. It was time for some payback.

"I want to actually hear him say a fucking word. I could always use my weapon to help him make a sound." Maria let out a small chuckle that didn't sound right. Even to her. Caleb's death had got to her more than she realized. "Okay, let's do this, Michael."

She moved closer to where Al was laying on the ground and she nudged his side with the tip of her shoe. She didn't do it too hard. She just give him a light tap. Even if she did want to break his bones. Just a little bit.

"Hey! Wake up, Al!"
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