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Rene wasn't too sure what to expect out of Caedyn, but it sure as hell wasn't that. She'd thought that she had been having a pretty crappy time of it, but it had to beat whatever fucked-up shit Caedyn had been dealing with. Damn, now she was feeling bad. And to think that things had actually been going pretty pleasantly up until now.

"Damn, I just..." Rene couldn't really think of a response to that, because holy shit how are you supposed to respond to that, but she did her best. "Sorry about that. Guess now I know why you got the booze"

She attempted to recline in her chair, only to receive an immediate reminder that it was a hardback. Instead, she placed her hands behind her head to give herself something slightly resembling comfort. She glanced for a bit back at Blair, who still looked pretty quizzical about the whole situation. Feeling a twinge of discomfort, she brought up a different, but still relevant line of conversation.

"So hey, since it's getting late, you think it would be fine if we crashed here?" She raised her eyebrows, gave a hopeful grin, and jutted her thumb at the rather decrepit library behind her.
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