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Can you hear me?
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“Sorry, it’s just…”

Jennifer bit her lip. Then:

“I was scared that someone could pick it up, and… use it. On us. It was just sitting there, and I wasn’t sure if Kimiko would even try.”

Jennifer looked around her. Bart was always terrified, but now? He looked even more unsure, worried. Clarice had a temper, and even if she and Kiziah were friends with Kimiko, how long do friendships last here? For a moment, Jennifer pictured Blake. Her best friend, her ex. He was a good person, and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. She knew he wasn’t here, though. She was almost certain he wasn’t here. They had different classes. But, even if he was… what would he do? Probably keep the peace a bit better. He might know how to deal with someone like Kimiko, better than she could.

But no matter what, she was glad he wasn’t here. That he wasn’t suffering, or that he had to make moral decisions.

Even then, though, she had no idea what Kiziah and Clarice were feeling right now.

Clarice had torn herself away from the group, saying that she was going to look out for Kimiko. It wasn’t safe. Kimiko, even if she hadn’t hurt them, was still a murderer.

Jennifer watched Clarice’s back as it slowly withdrew away. Bart spoke up, asking if they could look around. That was the point of this venture, wasn’t it? Find paper, find proper clothes, find anything else they needed. Looking for supplies, that was the entire reason they’d come here to begin with. And yet, Jennifer had to give another look at the storehouse. It was positively full of things that could be useful. But, she had to decide.

She slowly turned towards the direction Clarice went. Each step ached and rubbed against forming blisters, but she gritted her teeth through it.

Jennifer had to say it.

“Want to follow her?”

((Jennifer Wallace continued in If It Bleeds, It Leads))

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