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“Thanks, although she’s not really who I’m looking for.”

No, she wasn’t. Again though, the gesture was appreciated. Hazel tried. She wasn’t getting up on him or anything for being in kahoots with a murderer, which was an improvement on what he understood of the previous situation. Besides, not like she would have known that he wasn’t friends with Eliza. Maybe it would have made a little sense if he was. Social nomad. No real group to belong to. That kind of shit. The most Jeremy really cared about his social position, he imagined. Don’t really take him on that. Short of it was: him and Eliza were totally separate, socially. He was with the nerds and the other cool people. She was with… the other non-cool people, he supposed. She wasn’t someone that made lunchtimes cool for him. That belonged to Serena. Al. BB. Those people.

And now he was thinking of the “back thens” again. The things that happened back home. His house. His bed. His life.

He supposed now he knew a part of why the people of the announcements did what they did. Maybe not all of it. Maybe not the entire reason, but a small part, at the very least.

A familiar name emerged into the room, though. One he now remembered. One he only now knew was here.

“Wait, Vanessa Stone?” Not like there was another Vanessa in his year, but he had to make sure. Also had to lead into the next question, as well. “Where’d you see her? What’s she doing?”

Questions were important. Determined whether or not she was on the list. Well, maybe she couldn’t be there, given it was written down, but he could put her name somewhere. Put her name on the paper. Say hi, if they ever met.

And then a third voice rejoined the group, talking to him. Well, about him. Didn’t stop the fact that he was apparently popular. Didn’t stop the fact that Alex was down with the idea of finding friends with him.


Maybe they weren’t so different, after all.

Maybe he didn’t have to leave, now.
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