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"I don't know about snappin'." Michael curled his lips into a sneer looking at the wormlike creature on the ground.

"You saw the way he stared at us... I think he was always like this, that a lot of these fuckers were." The act of snapping, well that added something new to the equation of shitfuck didn't it. It wasn't like it couldn't happen. Hell, a lot of people in a scenario like this would snap. Hell, maybe Michael snapped. Maybe? If he snapped he wouldn't be aware of it though, that was the thing.

That's what snapping meant. You broke. Gone loopy. Your brain took the pain train. Couldn't take it. Lights on, nobody's home. Buh bye. When you snapped you had no idea what in the fuck was goin' on. You called inanimate objects 'Wilfred'. You were told by some unnamed entity to do shit. The lines between good and bad blurred. You threw fecal matter cocktails at people outside your crazy cell. Those types of things.

Sure, maybe a few people snapped. Alex probably did, turnin' into the fuckin' Clarence 'Wananananana, blam, well give the man a hand!' Boddicker wannabe. Maybe Alvaro. Michael couldn't tell if Alvaro was looking at him or the wall beside him, but maybe Alvaro had a lazy eye or something. Maybe he was always derp-eyed like that and he never noticed. Still... That Ryan Gosling Driver stare was fuckin' creepy come to think of it.

Maybe... Maybe some people did snap. He wouldn't hold it against them for it, but shit, they still did what they did. They gotta be held accountable. Hell, might be a mercy killing more than anything. Maybe. Maybe, just maybe that the combined stress of not only the games, but the oppressing nature of high school itself! The fear of not following your overburdening parents' expectations, the class warfare of the grades and cliques that roam it's halls, or the apathetic teachers who really don't care at all what happens? Maybe it were the social teachings of the schools, how only the strong and pretty make it to the top. The ones on top who pushed others to the bottom for some likes on a social media website, or the growing fear that a single social faux pas would end up with you on said social media website for the world to mock, with no regards to how you'd ever live it down afterwords. Maybe they spent all their time looking behind them, afraid of confrontations. Afraid people like him... Maybe... Just maybe... It was partially his fault as well...

Naaaaaah. They were all just a buncha' assholes.

"Yeah. We could probably see what he has to say. I kinda' wanna see what stupid bullshit excuse he'd make this time."
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