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((Maria Cucinotta continued from 70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre))

Maria had been exhausted from carrying Al up to the top of the bell tower with Michael. What was it with her and heights? Not that it really mattered to her that much. At least this was taking her mind off of Caleb for the time being. She needed to stay distracted away from knowing that she would never see him again. She didn't even want to think of Kimiko.

She and Michael had been lucky to get their hands onto Al again. It was perfect. Michael had told her on the way to the bell tower about who else had been on the announcements. Al had killed two people. Cameron and Henry. She had a feeling that he had for the obvious reason that he was covering in someone else's blood. Still.... What had caused Al to suddenly kill? She wanted to know.

She was panting a little and she wiped her brow with the back of her hand. She got out a bottle and one of those crappy bar. She had to keep her energy and strength up. She gagged as she took a few bites out of the bar. It really did taste so awful. She put the half-eaten bar back into her bag that she had placed down onto the ground. Then she took a big gulp of water from her water bottle. That was better.

She put away the bottle as well and then she looked at Michael. He was asking her about Al. About waking him up. And then killing him. This was what they both wanted. They were going to do the right thing. She stared down at Al. She wanted to know. Just why?

"Yeah, we need to wake him up. But I also want to know why he killed Cameron and Henry.... I want to know what made him snap and take it out on two innocent people." She looked back at Michael in curiosity. "Don't you want to know?"
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