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The tension was broken.

The specter of violence was gone. He felt it go. It was some small, strange, subtle thing. Something about how unguarded Hazel was, and how clumsily Jeremy tried to interpret for him and change the subject. Even Jordan, looming quietly in the corner...he felt so secure. None of these people were a threat to him. Things were easy at this moment. He could relax a little, so long as he didn't let his mask slip too much.

"Hobo maze," Alex answered Hazel. "With the cans."

Jeremy asked his questions.

"You saw Liz?" he said in surprise. He tapped the large sword on his back. "She gave me this. Said she didn't want it. How is she?"

Jordan asked his question. Alex smiled slightly. "Finding friends," he agreed. "The people we care about, before the end. It was Jeremy's idea, but it is quite infectious. It's why I'm rather glad to see the two of you."
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