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Lucilly would have done well to ignore the rain - or perhaps the drizzle - and she had done quite well for a while, until something. What something was, or rather what the sentence would be to constitute 'something' was unknown to her.

Something about the current situation of her concerned her. An understatement, and even Lucilly realized as such. Still, there was something even concerning that concerned her. Being concerned, of course, Lucilly would have to do something to stop being concerned.

She looked up to the sky. It was gray, and grayer yet. A few drops fell and splattered into her face. She ignored a few of them, but mind the ones which fell in her eyes.

The thing that concerned her, Lucilly realized, was the fact that she could not hear. Oh, her ears were fine and working as well as they always did, but standing by the door as she did, it was impossible to get a clear sight (listening sight?) of what was within the room.

Lucilly turned around, and stepped into the door frame.
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