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Sunday, October 12th, 2014


[11:08:14 AM] PixelTurtle: man, fuck everything
[11:08:22 AM] PixelTurtle: hey, Emily, are you there?
[11:14:46 AM] IcyBunny: Oh hey, Penelope! Sorry about not responding promptly, I was away from my computer. Is something wrong? I haven't seen you online in few days, I was starting to get worried.
[11:14:51 AM] PixelTurtle: ngl can't say I'm feeling great
[11:14:55 AM] PixelTurtle: I've been going through a really bad creative block this last week and it's frustrating
[11:15:05 AM] PixelTurtle: like I've been trying to code an interaction into the latest game but like
[11:15:14 AM] PixelTurtle: it's been buggy as fuck and no matter how I code it it's just... not working like I want it to
[11:15:23 AM] PixelTurtle: plus I've been trying to keep up with the art on my blog but I just
[11:15:28 AM] PixelTurtle: haven't had any ideas
[11:15:36 AM] PixelTurtle: my classes deciding to dump a ton of projects on me all at once hasn't helped matters
[11:15:44 AM] PixelTurtle: basically: I feel like a garbage failure
[11:16:24 AM] IcyBunny: I'm sorry to hear that. :(
[11:29:51 AM] IcyBunny: Say, perhaps we could just... talk for a little while? I'm really not sure what to say to make you feel better, unfortunately...
[11:38:33 AM] IcyBunny: Or maybe we could play a game? My girlfriend gifted me Terraria on Steam the other day, we've been playing together on a server that she's been hosting. I could probably tell her I want to play and she would probably be more than happy to let you play too!
[11:49:48 AM] IcyBunny: Tch. You never take this long to respond. I'm really sorry you've been down in the dumps. Perhaps you just need a break from it all? I'm sure everyone will understand if you take a few days to relax and re-calibrate.
[12:02:12 PM] PixelTurtle: maybe, I guess
[12:02:22 AM] PixelTurtle: I just never feel right when I haven't done something
[12:02:31 AM] PixelTurtle: Terraria sounds nice, it's been a while since I've played it with anyone
[12:03:10 AM] IcyBunny: I'm sure you'll feel loads better. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and you've been working so hard for quite a while now. I'll message my girlfriend now and see if she's up for things.
[12:03:19 AM] PixelTurtle: alrighty
[12:11:07 AM] IcyBunny: She responded! She's more than happy to let you play with us, and told me to tell you that she'll send you the IP over Steam.
[12:11:20 AM] PixelTurtle: gotcha! :o
[12:11:25 AM] PixelTurtle: and just by the by, thanks Ems
[12:11:32 AM] PixelTurtle: you always know the right thing to say

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