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Kaitlyn put the gun down. Thank god for that.

"Hey. Hey. Look, I'm-- I'm sorry, okay. I'm just... nerves, ya know? Sorry. Look, it's not even-- I've got the safety off, so I'm not shooting anyone here. See? ... I was with Alan Banks for a while. But he kinda started getting... he kinda went nuts a bit. Last night he tried to take my gun while I was sleeping. I managed to scare him off, but yeah. Left me a bit jumpty. So... hey."
She rummaged through the bag, taking out what looked like a green thing putting the rest of the bag down closer to the group's feet.

"Here you go. Peace offering. I fucked up with that attitude. But hey, we need this stuff if we don't wanna starve to death here, right? So we're cool?"

Jaime looked at it for a second before quickly stepping forward to grab at it, and stepping back. She looked inside. Water, water, food, food. Nothing that would help them actually survive against anyone else.

"Yeah, sure. We're cool." She looked up, and then immediately looked back down. Stupid ass corpse. Just keep your eyes away from it ... her.

"Yeah, let's ... get her out of here." Don't look at the body don't look at the body don't look at the body.
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