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(( Michael Crowe continued from 70's Horror Movies 2: New Wave Massacre))

"Okay, okay, okay! D-drop him here!" Michael and Maria tossed the large sack of shit to the corner. Fucking hell, even tiny unconscious people were heavy. Say whatever you will about strength, endurance, whatever... You try dragging a person from the rooftops of a three story asylum to the top floor of a bell tower.

That shit ain't easy!

Michael took some time to breath, before leaning his back on the railing, letting it have a satisfying pop. His gaze trailed towards the straight jacketed figure laying in the corner. Little shit probably didn't have any idea where he was at. Michael made sure of that one by tying his hoodie around his face.

"Al... You're heavy as a motherfucker! You needa' go on the fuckin' Paris Hilton diet..." Michael pantomimed putting his fingers down his throat, topped off with exaggerated facial expressions and very loud and annoying gagging noises.

It seemed like Michael wasn't the first one to come up with the idea of tossing people over the bell tower. Barry was dead inside the middle of it, with someone's shirt over his face. Michael was extremely unnerved by the fact his face was covered, but he had no clue why. Maybe the three-no four days of decomposition was it. He didn't know, just something about it was off. Familiar. He's sure he'd seen that shirt before...

It bothered him that the face being covered freaked him out more than the fact that someone who'd died four days ago was laying there. Michael couldn't help but feel like shit seeing someone like this, people deserved to be in a casket under ground four days after they died, not just laying there like that.

So this is where Alvaro got his first kill? Shit, when he hears the announcements tomorrow, he's gonna flip, provided he lives that long. Karma is a bitch, and so was Mike, motherfucker!

But first, a lil' break.

Michael unzipped his bag, and pulled out some energy bars and a drink. He took a few bites, then actually gagged. Eugh. This shit literally feels and tastes like mashed together tooth-plaque. Who thought these were a good idea?! Michael took larger bites and swallows, intentionally avoiding chewing to get that shit out of the way as fast as possible. He took a few drinks of water, lamenting the lack of well... anything gourmet.

Would it kill them to just give them a pack of Lays or something? Lays are nasty in any other situation, but fuck, they'd be something better than this! Hell, ready to eat rations would be better than this. Fuckin' cheap ass terrorists man. Don't let murderin' teens stop 'em from penny pinchin'.

"God that shit is fucking nasty!" He took another moment to cringe and shake the bad taste out. He tossed the wrapper over the edge and looked towards Maria.

"Yo, should we wake sleepin' fuckface over there an' get it over with?"
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