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Back in elementary, when Olivia had started to open herself up more to people, when she had started reforming herself, one of the people who had spurred on that reform, who had helped shape her into what she was as of now was Latanna. Latanna was one of those people Olivia was drawn to, and back then, back in fourth grade, it was because she thought she was smart.

They both had nothing to hide when the report cards came home. They both competed for attention in the classroom when the teacher waited for an answer. They were both smart, right? But as Olivia found company with her in the cafeterias, as they studied together and ranted about group projects, as she drifted into engineering and Latanna, into politics, Olivia discovered that 'smart' wasn't quite the right word to describe her. It was like calling the sky 'blue' rather than 'cerulean' or something like that. Accurate, yes, but one word was a better fit than another. And in this case, that word was 'sharp'. 'Sharp' as in 'mentally acute', as in 'very observant'.

'Sharp' as in sharp hearing, a sharp vision cutting into Olivia, autopsying her.

Latanna sounded perfectly normal right now, but she was still digging into her. She knew. And Olivia knew there was no point in hiding it. Rod had just showed her she was an open book. Exposed.

"I just thought you really weren't going."

She blurted it, said it like a tongue twister. Then, she looked at Latanna again. An alibi, that was what she needed.

"You did just call it improper."

Olivia continued to look at her. And she braced herself.
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