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((Brendan Harte continued from This time I might just Disappear.))

Brendan turned his head to look over at the vehicle depot. He wondered if they could find anything that could help them. It would be worth a shot. Maybe they could find something that they could use at the radio tower before they both headed there. He still felt bad for running away from the others. He was relieved that he didn't hear Jonathan or Candice's names on the announcement. The chapel was a danger zone. He hoped that Dorothy, Asha and Jae got out of there safely. He still needed to find his other friends. Bernadette, Maxim, Ty.... He was scared for them.

He looked back at Alba and he nodded in agreement with her. "Y-Yeah, that would a good idea. There might be something useful that we can use at the radio tower." He was trying to come off as positive but it was hard to hide behind a fake smile. "We might also find friends in there too."

He paused briefly. He was a little happy that Alba had come after him. To stay with him. Especially after he freaked out after seeing Danny's corpse. He thought he could have handled seeing the body, but he didn't. He ran away instead of trying to take responsibility. He had to make sure to not lose Alba. He couldn't abandon her. Like when he walked away from Dorothy. Ran from Jonathan.....

"Alba. T-Thank you...." He lowered the grenade launcher in his hands towards the ground and he was trying to keep eye contact with her in front of him. "I.... I mean.... For staying with me. A total screw up. A mur..... m-mur...."

He couldn't get the word out. He knew that what he had done was the wrong thing. He wondered if he would see Michael again. Would Michael still try to avenge Jerry? If Brendan was in the same situation....

You would try to get revenge, Brendan. Who wouldn't?
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