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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from This time I might just disappear))

Alba looked around the area, clutching her rifle. The rain had finally stopped, and she and Brendan were close to the Radio Tower. The announcement had just finished playing a few minutes ago, so they could both finally enter the area and see if there was anything there of use. Alba could feel some relief that Bryony, Jonathan, and Candice were still alive, but there was still no sign they were around. She could at least hope that she could walk into the Radio Tower and see those three there.

After Brendan ran off, Alba hurried after him. Even though she was weighed down by the multiple weaponry, she had managed to find him after a little. He didn't get too far, but by the time she found him, the rain had started and they took shelter in the forest. They ended up spending the night there, with plans to make their way back to the town the next morning. She had even managed to return the grenade launcher to Brendan, making her glad she was at least still with a friend.

Alba continued to scan the area. She had offered to walk first since she had the better weapon to deal with dangerous people. She was glad she hadn't been made to use the rifle yet, but even she was starting to become aware that the chances of using it were increasing with every new day. There had to be over thirty kids dead yet and no help was visible. Alba pushed those thoughts back. She and Brendan weren't in any immediate danger, so she didn't have to think of that right now. There was still time.

"Hey, should we check this place out too?" Alba said to Brendan, gesturing to the nearby vehicle depot. "There could be tools or something for us."
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