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Lili's eyes flicked to the side. Another body, sitting out in the open, just like that. That meant that collars didn't explode on dead bodies in danger zones. Was that what Darius had been trying to find out? Even more questions arose in Lili's head, and she backed up against the wall, letting go of his hand. What was the next part of his plan?

Well, at least that wasn't the body of someone Lili knew. She'd been fortunate enough to have gone without hearing any names that struck a chord with her.

"Well, we left Natalie behind, with that crazy girl," Lili mentioned, "Oh, and all our stuff. Yeah, that's probably also important, or something. And if I was that crazy girl, and I found three free bags of stuff, well, I don't think I'd just leave them there."

Deactivate the collar? How? She got the feeling that it wasn't a good idea.

Besides, just because it was disabled to the danger zone didn't mean it was all the way off. What if they re-armed it, and one of them tripped the wire - or even worse, just got close enough - and the whole thing went up in flames? If she had the drive, she'd tell Darius all of what she just reasoned in her head.

There was no reason to.

He probably knew something she didn't, anyway. Instead, Lili turned her eyes downward, keeping her arms crossed all the while.
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