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Lili grabbed him and pulled him and what the fuck. She searched him. What an idiotic girl. He could just silently agree when she hit her head.

"Uhh, girl."

Fuck, what should he say?

"The Library's probably empty or so. Besides, we got a new corpse."

He pointed at the direction of Cristo with the arm that was not taken by Lili.

"We can disable his collar."

Yeah, sure. That was not the plan, but he couldn't go reveal her his plan, right? He couldn't go 'Oh, now that we know that collars don't detonate when you're dead, we can fake our deaths!' That would be dumb as hell. On the other hand, it was hard to fake one's death alone, right?

Perhaps he could kill someone and revive them without the terrorists knowing or something. Like, electrocute them and revive them via electricity. Then they might be free, if the collars are not manually deactivated but automatically.

He needed to figure out whether they are manually or automatically deactivated when someone dies.

That's it.

But first, he wanted a smoke. And a drink.
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