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He knew Alex was trying to scare them.

It was the way he was speaking, presenting himself, his actions almost certainly calculated to make himself seem larger than life. He was either absolutely off the wall crazy, or he was hiding something, but at this point, Jordan was more than willing to give it to him. He was already as scared as he could be, regardless of whichever it was.

Alex wasn't the most likable at the best of times, but here, with his delusions of grandeur, or whatever it was that was driving him at the moment, together with the machete in his hand, he was infinitely more dangerous than he ever was in school.

He could only stare blankly at Alex with surprise and disgust. Some of his words made sense, but the people outside, killing, dying, and everything in between were ever so distant compared to the here, the now, the person standing in front of him. A dozen Nancies and Isabels made no difference to him right now when they were god knew where on the island.

Besides, Jordan realised, that Alex was claiming that they were all the same as those who were killers, but somehow he was different from everyone. And perhaps that was what was really scary about this. That Alex was so self righteous after killing Rea. That he was still same old over the top Alex despite what he had done.

Alex finished his speech with little incident and Jeremy saw fit to provide a welcome that did absolutely nothing to his complete lack of confidence in the situation. He was holding up a clipboard, complete with paper and everything, and on the paper was a list of names.

"Oh yeah, we met Liz at the radio station thing. Yesterday? We met her there with Vanessa and... um, yeah..." He'd almost forgotten about yesterday with everything that had happened in the last few minutes. Luckily Hazel didn't seem to worry as much as Jordan himself was, or maybe it was just that she managed to hide it better. Still, the less said the better.

"Well, we haven't really met many other people, though. Sorry..."

"So I guess you guys were looking for your friends?"
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