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[I'm just gonna assume we stick together at least until the next thread, so if either of you wants to start that one, feel free.]

Lizzie listened to Ty. Her eyes widened slightly. She didn't know there was anyone left he cared about. She'd assumed...

Well. That was kind of an asshole thought, wasn't it? Of course he cared. How could he not? There were people she still needed to find. Answers she still needed. Lily, at the very least. Maybe...

Hell. Maybe a lot of people.

She stood up, and dropped the spliff, and ground it out beneath her boot. She stared down it, and lifted her too-light head up to stare at him, and grinned a little, and stopped grinning, because Lettie and Tina and Rina were dead, and there was still so much they could lose.

"Okay," Lizzie said. "So let's find her."

She moved towards the door, not sure if she meant Nancy or Bernadette, not sure it mattered. She was in motion again, a Doctor with Companions, and a strange quest on the horizon. And for the first time in two days, she felt like it might all turn out okay.

Maybe that was just the weed talking. Rolled by the burned handler of her brother.

"Thanks for the weed!" she shouted to a camera in the corner of the room, and giggled, and kept walking.

(Lizzie Luz continued in Drip)
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