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Tensions were feeling pretty high, and Bart didn't know what he should do or how he should do it, so he took the course of action that he always did whenever he felt this way: He stayed silent and hoped that things would play themselves out.

Surprisingly, things seemed to defuse themselves pretty quickly. Kimiko and Clarice both left peacefully, and everything might as well have been back to normal, with his trio in front of the storehouse that they had planned to hole up in for the next day.

Everything wasn't back to normal, though. They had just had a very close interaction with a multiple murderer, one who made no attempt to harm them in any way, then went on with their business. That was the kind of thing that stuck with a person. At the very least, it was still lodged in the forefront of his mind, and he assumed that Kizi and Jennifer were still thinking pretty hard about it too.

Bart's heart was still racing, and he was admittedly zoning out a bit after recent events. Right now he just wanted some time to sit down and get his thoughts back in order. He turned to Kizi and Jennifer and raised his hand, trying to get their attention.

"Hey, uh... do you guys still want to head inside?" He pointed to the storehouse door. "I think the coast is probably clear now."
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