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((Darius Van Dyke continued from ONE MILLION TROOPS))


A smelly Darius came from the dark, to Lili. He did not know how she found him, but he was glad she did. It's better that she found him than Leslie finding him. In the night the island with such a shitty weather was a pain in the ass. Darius eventually found shelter, slept, woke up and waited for the announcements. After the announcements he finally went to the dangerzone, without a corpse.

and well, in the radio tower there was still nothing. However, when he walked through the former danger zone, he stumbled upon something very sweet.

A corpse of a mexican boy.

And guess what?

His collar was still intact.

That was all he wanted. Now he knew - collars won't be detonated when you're dead. Or, rather, when the terrorists think that you're dead.

Now he just needed to find a way to play dead. A way where he can lie in a danger zone without the terrorists blowing him up. A way to fake his death. A way to survive this bullshit.

How? He could think later about it. Now all he wanted was a drink and a smoke.

"Do you have a cigarette?"
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