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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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The girl snorted. She almost laughed, almost. Instead she flashed a crooked smile she just couldn't resist. Scout had trouble remembering the last time she smiled. Had to be going on nearly four days. No reason to smile, not until the boy joined her.

"Sawlaska Thunder-fuck?" she repeated. "Jesus, that's a mouthful. Did you come up with that?"

Inside joke, Scout figured. She wanted to be a buzzkill, purposefully stress the seriousness of their situation. Nothing wrong with some guy trying to lighten up the mood, right? Yes. Actually. Scout hated people who always felt the need to make a joke regardless of the situation. Whatever.

The boy told his story and Scout's smiled fell away. It was hard not to pity him, just a little bit. She did not promise to help him look for his friends. Why the hell would she do that? They could be dead for all they knew. Scout had no intention of going on wild goose chases, especially with multiple geese. But the boy seemed hopeful. She didn't want to be the one to crush that. That's why she turned and stared at the firepit.

"Nancy Kyle?" Scout said after a brief silence on her part. She clicked her tongue. "Had her in a couple of my classes. There was always something wrong with her."

The fact that Nancy Kyle started dropping bodies right out of the gate came as no surprise to Scout. What surprised her was the fact that Nancy didn't snap and hurt somebody back at school. Scout never talked to Nancy. Nobody Scout knew talked to Nancy. (Other than Jasmine, who was only a friend by attrition.) Quite frankly she hoped it stayed that way too.

So Nancy was packing heat. And she was a decent shot. Good to know.

Scout sat up. "Y'sure your leg is okay? Dunno shit about first aid but..." She paused as he apologized. She made a face. "Don't worry, I get it. It's cool."

She was not cool. Lukewarm, maybe, but not cool. Tch. Now he was just showing off. Scout crossed her arms under her chest, blanket still slung over her shoulders as she looked away from the boy. Her eyes darted back when he spoke up again.

What's her story? Scout clammed up for a moment, brows furrowed. Of course she knew the boy was just making conversation. Nothing but good intentions. But that's all it was. There was an answer to his question, her game plan as it were, but it wasn't like she planned to present it to some random dude. She had to force herself to answer, because at the rate she was going she'd keep hemming and hauling until the cows come home.

"Th - There's nothing to tell," she started, stumbling on her own words, "No big story, not really. I'm hoping the rain finally stops? I... I hope Half Life 3 comes out in the next century?" Scout cringed. "That last one was a joke by the way."

She paused and thought. She looked towards the boy who was still busy undressing. He seemed pretty friendly. So fuck it. Might as well ask.

"I'm hoping to find my sister. My big sister, Clarice? You might know her; she's hard to miss."

Scout smiled again, faint, indistinguishable from her usual stoicism.

"Oh. Name's Scout by the way. I didn't catch yours."
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