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[Lili Williams continued from One Million Troops.]

How long had she spent in that library? How much time had she squandered, thrown to the wind, running from someone who wasn't even there in the direction of someone who she knew didn't care? Time slipped away into the infinite dark as Lili darted from building to building, looking for any trace of Darius that she could find. Occasionally, she would smell the scent of death around the corner, or hear a gunshot somewhere in the distance, and she'd turn right back the way she came. Whatever was actually happening, it felt as if she was being hunted, and that feeling alone was enough to send Lili into a frenzy of panic.

A panic strong enough to drown out the rain, which soaked her to the bone, making every breath taste like sea spray.

At one point, she found what seemed like a nice, quiet place to sit. Lili breathed out and sat cross legged in the corner of the room, clutching her knees tightly. She tried to float her mind into some other, calmer world, some place she'd rather be than here.

But she couldn't.

Later in the night, when the sun started to light up the sky from its place beyond the horizon, she began to sing to herself again, though it came out as more of a breathless whisper than anything. Every song lyric she found only worsened her anxiety, as she found herself completely unable to sit still.

When the speakers crackled to life once more, Lili's sense of time crumbled completely. She couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that she had been awake for 24 hours, 24 hours that saw her go back and forth across the bridge, carry a corpse, throw suitcases at a light fixture, desert her friend, and run for her life. Crumbling against the wall of a pale sun-stained building, Lili looked around at the surrounding complex. Shapes in the distance were reduced to blurry splotches of paint on an impressionist canvas, a dissonant beauty in any other circumstance but this one. A circumstance that meant that Lili actually had to use her eyes.

The rain had let up, but Lili's clothes were still drenched. She took her sweatshirt off and laid it out in the sun to dry.

Yesterday. The Danger Zone.

Lili's eyes turned upward and towards what looked like the row of buildings encircled by a fence that had been their planned body dumping ground the day before. Could Darius have moved over there? It was safe to go over to now, so Lili figured that she had no reason not to go and check it out. She picked her sweatshirt off of the grass after a few minutes, and made her way over. She had no desire to go to the radio tower again if she didn't need to - she hadn't remembered hearing Lily's name, but that didn't mean it hadn't been in there somewhere.

She remembered her hesitance outside of the warehouse two days before (thought it felt an eternity ago) and walked over, peering in through the open doors. Lili took a few hurried steps inside, eyes bouncing from wall to wall.

"Darius?" she projected, "You in there?"
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