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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba walked down the hall and reached the room where Danny was supposed to be. She inhaled and exhaled quietly, keeping her grip on the rifle. Jonathan had talked a plan to deal with Danny's body, and to mark the room.

"Yeah, or we could mark something on the door. Something that tells people a body is inside. Like 'Dead Inside' or something."

Alba peered into the room. Danny was lying there, his chest a horrid mess. Alba froze, her face frozen in an forced smile. It was a lot like Bradley, but somehow much, much worse. Alba felt everything go silent as she peered in, only for that silence to be broken by Brendan.

Alba's smile vanished as she saw Brendan drop his new weapon and run away. Alba gasped.

"Brendan, wait!" she shouted.

Alba ran over and picked up the grenade launcher and ran after him. It was slightly awkward to run with two weapons and her bag bouncing on her back, but she kept going.

"Come back!"

Alba hurried after Brendan out of the dorms. They couldn't get separated from one another again. It was bad enough losing Bryony, but she couldn't lose Brendan so soon.

((Alba Reyes continued in How Can I Take Off This Mask?))
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