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Asha snorted at Jae's implication. "What, didja think that was even a question? Of course you're sticking around. Freaking nerd." They hadn't come this far just to ditch a friend for... reasons. She figured the only reason that Jae would ever doubt that was because he still felt guilty, or like he was being a burden. She'd have to keep an eye out in the future to decapitate those nasty little demons of insecurity if they showed their heads again.

"But yeah, I do need some sleep. Thanks for keeping watch, Jae; we can all decide in the morning if we wanna burn God down or not," Asha said before she gave Dot a quick hug and went to find a pew that looked comfortable enough to pass out on.


Asha dreamed that she was working at a video rental store in the summertime, alongside a cool girl. When she woke up she felt a vague sense of loss, and along with being slightly confused because who the fuck even remembers video rental stores.

She remained lying down on the pew for a few minutes while she woke up, watching Jae clear her barricades. On the one hand, it probably wasn't very nice to let the injured guy do all the work. On the other hand, she really didn't want to move yet. She and Dot were the ones who had put them up in the first place, so it was also kinda fair for Jae to be the one to take them down, right? Asha would definitely get up and help him with the rest of the debris. In just a few minutes.

Her lazing about was interrupted by the announcement, which she should have expected but didn't. She sat up with a groan, empty stomach feeling suddenly nauseous. She glanced at Dot to confirm that she was awake, too; then listened and waited to learn which of her friends she'd never see again.

Alessio had killed before he ran into the church, but Asha had already sort of assumed that had been the case, hadn't she? Jae seemed legitimately shocked, though. Funny, she considered him to be a hell of a lot more cynical than she was.

Wayne's death came as more of a shock than Asha had thought it'd be. She definitely hadn't been hoping that she'd have to hear his name read, but she had half expected to hear that he'd fucked up and crossed a Nancy or Isabel; and then she'd sigh and mourn the loss of a human life in the abstract but not much beyond that.

She never thought that he would end up killing himself.

That brought to mind uncomfortable questions of his fear, and guilt, and second-guessing and second chances; shattering the one-dimensional demonisation that had colored her perception of him ever since he had ditched them on that first night. "Wayne, you stupid fucking asshole," Asha muttered to herself, choking up a little. "You could have just apologized." Of course, in reality it wouldn't have been that easy, but even at her pettiest she had never wanted him to die

Henry Spencer.

Wayne was forgotten about, for now; replaced by the knowledge that another killer that she had been happy to let free had killed another one of her friends. Isabel hadn't changed, either.

Asha stood there, stunned; helpless as Jae cried and screamed his soul out. She wanted to help but couldn't; couldn't even fully process it herself, and latched on to the most pressing news of the announcement.

She slowly walked up to Jae, placed a hand on his back. "Jae, I'm - I'm sorry but we gotta get the fuck out of here. Now." There would be time for tears when their heads weren't about to be blown off.

Then Asha, Jae, and Dot got out of there.

((Asha and Dot stuck together.))

((Jae made a detour.))
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