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Michael didn't get much sleep. Between the switching of sleep shifts ruining his circadian clock, to the various nightmares, many of them involving Jonathan, he couldn't sleep.

He decided to take the last three shifts, as the last time he had woken up he'd done so through a sleep paralysis induced hallucination of a demonic Alvaro coming back to finish the job. Fuck it. He could sleep when he's dead.

The announcements came on, and well...

Maria reacted with shock when she heard Caleb's death. This was all starting to seem horrifically familiar. Waking up, announcements start. Hunt a player. Player gets lucky. Friend dies... Maybe it'd be different, maybe he'd be the dead one this time.

Next was... you guessed it Alessio killing people.

"I didn't kill anybody, Michael Crowe."

Michael just stared blankly at the wall. He looked up and out the window... He could kind of see the other side of the roof from there.

Kaitlyn Greene killed Mia with an Ohh-Dee... Probably one of the worst ways to go, laying on your back, a swimming pool of vomit leaking out of your mouth. Better have been an accident. Doing something like that on purpose...

Tessa blew herself and her tinfoil hat up. Kinda depressing to say he saw it from a mile away. More suicides followed...

Al got a double kill. Little pissbaby Al. So Henry's where he got the toy gun from. Michael figured Al killed Henry out of spite. Him and the other mall-goth hung together. Why couldn't he have manned up and taken Min-Jae instead? Henry was kind of alright...

But of course cowards are cowards. They don't fight the ones who can fight back...

Iz crippled and shivved someone. Michael wondered how big the pet cemetery in her backyard was.

Alvaro was working hard too. Wonder if he 'knew' what he did to Jasper.

When he heard that the crematorium was the death zone, he felt a sort of missed opportunity. He could've used one of the table legs to bar the door. Shit.

Maybe it was good he didn't. There were two innocents there, but they were with someone who wasn't... Would that count as guilty by association? In a normal society with laws it would maybe. But would it be right? Nah... It wouldn't. If Min Jae's gotta go, it's just gotta be him. But if the others attack, it'll be self defense, nothing more, nothing less.

Michael noticed something on the roof. A shape. He took his shades off and squinted at it...

"Maria... You got my condolences for Caleb. This isn't... well it's not the first time Kimiko's done this, and it ain't the first time I've seen friends lose their close ones. We'll get Kim, but we can't rush in there. We gotta be careful with this shit we're doing. I'm not letting what happened to Jerry happen again."

He reached across the hall and picked up the straight jacket.

"We gotta go, now."

He stood up, looking at the shape. He said he'd get to work right after the announcements, but this was... golden.

Michael coughed and let the bugs escape.

((Michael Crowe continued elsewhere.))
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