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Maria was relieved when Alvaro left without shooting at either of them. She was glad to still be alive. But for how long? Michael could have fucked them both over. But things turned out okay. The worst thing is is that they let two killers get away from them. They had been so close.

Have they both fucked up badly?

Definitely. Maria could only watch as Michael was beating himself up over what just happened. She wanted to yell at him to stop. But she couldn't get any words out. She felt physically exhausted after all that drama. She needed to take a break.

She slid down to the ground with her back against a wall. She touched the handle of her sword beside her and she glanced over at Michael who was talking about the announcements. He was right. They couldn't hold back any more. They had to hunt down the hunters and turn them into the prey. No more hesitation.

She nodded in agreement with Michael.

"We definitely need to stop them. We can't be fucking cowards. We have to do the right thing. Take them all out."

The next thing that Maria knew was that she was awakening to the sound of the announcements starting. She groggily rubbed one of her eyes and she let out a small yawn. She then started to listen carefully.


The first name she heard made her let out a broken cry.

Caleb was.... He couldn't be....! That wasn't right! Fuck, fuck....!

"N-No...." She croaked out the word meaninglessly and then she let out a pained howl of sadness and anger. "....FUCK! WHY?!"
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