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((Serena Waters continued from Aluminum Bicycle Rods))

Time had gone by them fast as they made their way over the island. A suprisingly uneventfull timeas they had seen no one on the way. Considerably luckier than her friends from the sounds of it.

Along the way she taken the keys out, her plan was to tell them when they got there. Hopefully it works and she could find him with ease. Hope of course, had been lacking in quality lately so it could easily be a shitshow. Regardless, she had a potential advantage over the rest, better to make the best of it. If not...

Well, she'd just make something up.

She hurried along the way, reaching a place she had tried to get to earlier. The Vehicle Depot. As she looked over it on the map and realised she was there, she heard the familiar crackle in the air.

Aaaand the announcments were on, lovely.

She tried ignoring the man's chatter as she continued her way to depot, but one name made her pause. A name she hoped she wouldn't hear on them. She had hoped, no, prayed he would be there as dead

Alessio Rigano. You fuck.

He'd gone and killed someone. Al killed someone. First Brendan, and now him. What the fuck? Was this his plan all along? get out of her sight so he could kill? The man's chatter droned on while Serena stood completely still. Her hand balled into fists as she heard him once more mention Al. For a brief moment, she hoped it would be as dead so she wouldn't have to deal with whatever the fuck he was doing, but nope. killer yet again.

She felt something familiar to the other announcments as tears welled up in her eyes. She tried her best not to just scream. Al's lost it. That coward had left her behind and then gone on to kill two people. She was regretting dragging him up from the library, he was obviously not in a good shape, but to do something like that? She was now indirectly responsible for both of their deaths. names ingrained in her mind. Cameron and Henry.

Serena looked down at the key in her right hand. She had told him about her plan with the car and the key. Would he be staying here waiting? No way, not even he would do something like that...right?

"God damn it Al." It just flowed out of her, almost like a whisper. She was tired of all of this. If she met him again after this...

She rubbed her eyes of tears and turned around to them. Right now the only people she could trust.

"This is the place."
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