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As Lily backed towards the doors, they swung open. And standing in the doorway was Kimiko Kao. Of course. Why wouldn’t it be? The only thing that would complete this situation was if Nancy had followed Lily here.

There was a killer at her front, and a killer at her back. Nowhere else to go.

Lily froze for a moment, hands raised and eyes wide. Even then, her eyes scanned Kimiko. Blood on her clothes. Weapons visible. No gun. Dangerous. But not Isabel. Not Tina’s killer.

Slowly, Lily held one finger in front of her lips and motioned for Kimiko to be quiet. (She felt foolish a second later, remembering that Kimiko was mute. She couldn’t remember where she’d heard that, a cousin maybe?)

Still keeping her movements slow, so as not to be noisy, Lily reached into her bag and removed her notepad. She turned over several pages, then scribbled out ‘ISABEL’ in big letters across a blank page.

She turned the page over so Kimiko could see it, then pointed at the double doors at the back of the big room.

The enemy of her enemy was her friend. And considering that Isabel was a murdering lunatic, she was everyone’s enemy.
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