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Emma flinched as Jaime snarled. However, Amanda played along. Thank god for that. If it became an argument… well, Kaitlyn had a gun and a bomb. Though, Emma looked again at Amanda. Her heart rate went up more when she realized that her own gun had been raised.

It was only a matter of time before it went off.

Emma shook her head, trying to dismiss that thought. Practical. She had to be practical here, right? Maybe. Her hands were still up, showing that she wasn’t a killer.

Thankfully, Kaitlyn was backing down. Nerves, apparently. She had a run-in with Alan Banks, and it sounded like he tried to steal her things. Soccer team, right? Yeah, he was. He… was a bit of a baiter. Alan wasn’t someone Emma usually went out of her way to talk to, but him stealing a gun? That was a new low, if it was true.

Was it?

Emma slowly lowered her arms. Kaitlyn had put the bag closer to them, so that was good. Water and food were what they were looking for, weren’t they? Emma leaned down, gently touching the strap. Her head felt heavy. But she turned her head back towards Mabes, and felt her skin shake and crawl. A numbness slid inside her arms and legs.

“I… agree,” Emma said. “Keeping her here wouldn’t be… wouldn’t be hygienic, y’know? Dead bodies… they rot and stink. Might be good to… yeah.”

It was an appeal to logic. To make the others understand why it was a good idea to move Mabes elsewhere. Logic wasn’t the reason why she agreed, though. Emma tore her head away, and raised her hand to her face. She pinched her nose slightly, pushing her glasses up. Her skin continued to shake.

So much had happened recently. It kind of felt like the world was collapsing around her. Emma slid her hand to her mouth. It just…

It just was so hard to stay practical sometimes.

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