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((Bridgette Sommerfeld continued from In This Starless Night))

It didn't feel to Bridgette like she and Bryony had had a particularly productive night. On the other hand, neither of them was dead, so that was something. Henry was dead. Tara, somewhat surprisingly, wasn't. Isabel had killed again. Same song, different verse.

Bryony's girlcrush hadn't shown up on the announcement, so Bridgette figured that was reason enough to get moving again and look for her. Aimless wandering wasn't really her idea of a good time, but what else was there to do?

They had sheltered in the staff block for the night, and Bridgette didn't mind the on and off sprinkling of rain that morning after the night's downpour. She wasn't paying much attention to it, her mind occupied by other things.

Where should she get a real weapon? What kind of weapon? She had never fired a gun, but she didn't like the idea of using a knife or a bludgeon on someone. She didn't want to have to get close or take things slow. Quick, clean, and efficient when it came to that would be ideal. Maybe Alba would have something useful on her that Bridgette could... borrow.

She was lost in her thoughts as they crossed the bridge, not paying as much attention to her surroundings as she should have been. She froze up when she spotted Nadia at the end, directly in front of them. Shit. No avoiding that encounter. She and Bryony should have come up with a game plan for this situation. Poor planning. Stupid.

She drew up short, gesturing to Bryony to stop as well. "Hey," she called out. She tensed, ready to run back to the other side of the bridge if necessary. Come to think of it, she ought to make sure that Bryony ended up between her and Nadia if things went south.
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