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Nadia pushed herself off the pavement and got on her knees. She stood up and stumbled forward, running over to the chair leg. She quickly scooped it up and ran towards the end of the bridge. She tried to ignore the stinging in her knees, hands, and cheek as she kept running.

As she reached the end of the bridge, the rainfall was starting to get unbearable. She was cold and miserable, and she didn't want to run any further. She looked to the side and realized there was an area under the landing part of the bridge she could take shelter under. She made haste to get there and out of the rain. To her luck, there was no one there, so she made herself the troll beneath.

Under the safety of the bridge, Nadia spent the remainder of the light time to put band aids on her scratches and to removed some of her wet clothes. She pulled out the emergency blanket and wrapped it around herself. She hoped no one else would think to take shelter under here today. She wasn't going to be comfortable here, but it was better than out there.

Nadia stirred awake as the crackling sound of the announcements came to life. She rubbed her head and stretched her arms, reaching for the cardigan and skirt she left to dry. She was still cold, so she hoped she could get up and see some warm sunlight.

The terrorist rattled off more names and more deaths. Some people killed again, some overdosed, some committed suicide. It was hard to believe, but Nadia was finding it slightly easier to accept this was all happening. There wasn't anyone she was sad to hear was dead, but they were all starting to blur. It was already the fourth day here, and the deaths would keep happening. Nadia wasn't sure if she could wait for rescue any more. Odds were only one person was leaving at this point.

Once dressed and once she knew where to avoid, Nadia stepped out from under the bridge, keeping the chair leg in her hand. She began to move back to the landing of the bridge. She wasn't sure if she still wanted to go to the asylum or not, but she wanted to at least see what the area around her was like.
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