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Alvaro was gone. Even with his machine gun, he was scared as shit. Michael had left enough of an impact to intimidate him from shooting at them.

Michael kept his blank face as Alvaro left. Ran away, ran to his buddy Alessio. Again Michael had scared the cowards with the guns away. Again they stood down.

Again they got away...

Those pissants! Fuck, this close! This fucking close!

Michael punched the gate with his right hand. He regretted it when he realized how dumb an idea was to punch something that hard with your bad hand. He felt the burnt skin and bone grind against rusty metal, the sensations rushing up his arms were to his nerves as nails on chalkboard were to his ears.

In layman's terms it hurt like a bitch.


He kicked the door instead, still not a good idea. At least it wasn't the worst idea he's had.

"This fffffuckin' close! Always right fuckin' there, then some- lucky shit walks in 'an-"

Michael headbutted the door. He didn't even feel that one.

He took a moment. Breath motherfucker, breath.

"W-we can't- we can't let this shit keep up... Fuckin' shit..."

He looked at Maria.

"The announcements tomorrow. After that... No hesitations from me anymore... None. Gotta finish that shit then and there. These motherfucker's luck gotta be runnin' out right?"
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