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So they could leave him on a bed, that'll work. But what if someone walked in there, expecting refuge in one of the rooms?

"We might have to put something on the door, just so people know that wouldn't want to walk in there, maybe?" Jonathan had just realized he could've came back to Barry, maybe brought him to somewhere that wasn't a cold wooden floor.

"Maybe we could wrap a bed sheet around the door too? I don't know, I think, I think we should give him some privacy after we find him a spot."

They were getting close to the place now. That corridor that only took 30 seconds to walk through seemed to feel like an eternity, like it would have taken him a week to really consider what was currently happening.

Alba decided she would go in first. Jonathan decided that'd be okay, she did have a gun.

"Alright, just lemme open the door."

Jonathan slowly crept the door open, looking back at the others. He didn't remember closing the door, but he felt like his mind was going blank at different intervals, like he couldn't focus. He almost forgot he had to get them off the island.

"Again, if any of you don't want to look, that's fine. It-It's not good in there..."
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