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Vanessa responded by cursing them out again and then kicking a box. It went airborne, barely clipped Enzo as they dropped their arm and it bounced off their shoulder. Didn't hurt, either; no weight to it without anything inside. Really, the whole thing was more frustration than violence, just the same as Vinny, taking out just some small fraction of emotion on something else.

But as much as that, as much as Enzo knew that, they didn't care any more. The switch was flipped. Vanessa had done nothing but belittle and blame them when Cameron was laying there, dead on the floor. She was dead, and no amount of screaming and swearing and picking her up and cradling her was going to make the slightest fucking bit of difference.

Vinny stooped, picked up their bag from its spot on the floor, and swung one strap over their shoulder.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out," they said. Low, tight with anger. "Bye."

They headed for the doors and didn't look back.

((Enzo continued Seediq Bale))

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