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Toby wasn't fond of how much Jerry was playing with that gun. Maybe she'd be more enthusiastic if she had one, although she didn't want to admit as much. Kind of hard to say, wasn't it? Wasn't as if Toby had ever spent much energy on thinking 'if I was in a lethal situation, would I rather have a gun or not?'. Being armed didn't make her feel much better either. Toby had barely spared a glance at the knife that had shown up in her bag. Didn't want to use it, didn't want to think about using it. She was trained, wasn't she? Better to defend herself using her fists and grappling than with a weapon she didn't know the first thing about other than 'stab them'.

"Just relax, Matt."

She felt no confidence and conveyed less in her voice.

"I bet we can keep an eye out for... well, whoever you might want to see, too."

Toby didn't feel up to a reassuring smile, she just nodded, pushing herself back to her feet. She rubbed some feeling back into her legs, and then paused.

"And stop calling me Noods, Jerry," she said, before backing off from the doorway and setting off at a run.

((Toby continued elsewhere))
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