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Isabel was jarred awake after hearing the sound of the doors outside creaking open.

She had begun to doze off in the dark room, the serene quiet and overall peacefulness of the showers too difficult to resist. She had been here a while, though, so no surprise that someone finally showed up. Isabel sat up, before awkwardly unfastening the halberd and gently leaning it up next to the wall. The halberd was too large and clunky to be any use in quarters as close as these, she needed to rely entirely on her sword and the sickle.

Isabel stood up, slowly, the sickle at the ready in one hand and the sword in the other. The person that came in might be on guard, but they still had the shower doors to go through, and Isabel had the inky blackness to help hide her. She would hear it if anyone came through to where she was lurking, and it would be simple to pop out from behind her curtain and sink the sword into their gut before tearing open their neck with the sickle. Give them a good scare before their life abruptly ended.

She pressed her back up against the wall of the shower stall she was in, waiting.

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