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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout stared at the boy, bleary eyed. At first she was impassive, but that was until they locked eyes. The boy said he wasn't going to pull any murderous shit. He neglected to tell her about all the smiling he was planning instead.

He was a blonde. She'd hesitate to call him dirty blonde for the hell of it; his hair was as light as his smile, far from dirty. Peroxide probably, No way that shit was natural. Scout's eyes scanned her guest from head to toe. The blistering rain did not pity the boy clearly. His mop of wet hair made him look like a sad puppy, smile notwithstanding. His dress shirt was drenched, outlining the contours of his torso. She tried not to stare, but the boy made it difficult. He was smiling. He had a sweet smile.

... Scout averted her gaze entirely. Gay, she figured. Or taken. That's how these things usually panned out. Not like it mattered.

"What happened?" Scout asked. She walked closer to him. "Did you lose your friends or something?"

Stupid question. Of course he lost his friends. Why else would he be calling out to them? Scout neared the fire, slid in next to him on the floor. The thing about checking people out is that your gaze is skin deep. The second she joined the boy, she noticed that his pantlegs were cut. A look of concern crossed her features, brief but noticeable.

"What happened to your - " She jutted to a halt. Scout finally noticed the thing the boy called 'Sawlaska'. Her eyes went wide. Her throat felt dry. "... What the fuck is that thing?"
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