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Like penguins? Dorothy wasn't so sure about that. Didn't they only do that when their wives went away to eat fish and they had to keep their babies safe? In this case, they had no penguin-equivalent of babies to protect and no penguin-equivalent of wives. The intention was good. She'd rather spent the night lukewarm than becoming a popsicle. Those things were really good, especially when it was hot outside, but the idea of becoming one wasn't interesting her. At least, not at the moment.

A girl has to keep doors open for her future, you know.

She looked at her gnawed fingers, her nails eroding away when her teeth chewed on them. They were messy, some had sharp edges, others were barely visible. Maybe that last point was because of the lack of light but the thought of having no nail on a finger scared her.

What would happen when she grabbed something? Would her finger cave in where there was once a nail holding it together? Or would blood start flowing and hiding her hand behind a red curtain?

Those thoughts made her jump on her thumb's skin, the one that was kinda white and she assumed dead or dying. Her teeth connected. Snip, snip. She removed a small bit of skin, hanging on the edge of her nail. She took a bite out of it and peeled a layer of skin off her thumb. She shallowed her meager meal and started thinking about what Jae said. A fire would be destructive and it could hurt them.

But, it could be an enjoyable experience if they weren't inside the church. She giggled a bit and let an arsonist wet dream out,

''Maybe before we go tomorrow, we could set this place on fire? That'd be fun, right? Unless you wanna' stay here longer, I'm cool with that too.''
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