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Penelope looked at Ben for a few seconds, wide eyed, before covering her face with her hands.

"The plan is stupid. It won't work, we won't be able to do it." She said, her voice riddled with despair.

"If you're really that persistent, then fine. I can explain it." Penelope let her hands slide off her face and onto the soft padding below, her eyes averted from the boys in the room. "I had an idea that maybe we could convince everyone to like... stop fighting? Not kill anyone?" She took a deep breath, relaxing herself. "And then... when nobody died in a day... the terrorists said that if that ever happened, they would blow us all up. Explode all the goddamn collars wrapped around our necks."

Penelope shook her head as best she could in the position she was in. "I guess the idea was that we could show them like... we were better than them. Show them that we wouldn't stoop to their level and play their damn game. Force them to be the ones who killed us, because ultimately every death is on their heads."

She sniffled, still recovering from her crying fits. "But that's stupid. Not only would they probably not care, but I'm willing to bet that at least one of the other students, maybe those three psycho bitches that keep appearing on the announcements, wouldn't go along with it."

"The plan's worthless," she began, "I let everyone down. I couldn't even meet up with my boyfriend before he got fucking murdered. I'm just going to die out here and my life will mean absolutely nothing to basically anyone."

Penelope turned herself over, facing the wall, before curling up again. "I can't believe I ever thought I'd actually accomplish anything. I'm fucking worthless."
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