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Keith was busy staring intently at the toe of his right sneaker. He didn't remember where the large scratch in the rubber came from. It was bugging him a bit. He knew that there were bigger things to worry about, like what Lizzie and Ty were discussing, about needing to find people, but damn, he just could not remember what had happened and he couldn't stop thinking about it.

He adjusted his glasses with one hand before taking another drag.

"You're welcome," he muttered quietly in response to Lizzie. He wasn't quite sure what she was thanking him for, but that was fine, not a big deal at all.

The scratch looked kind of crooked, maybe it had hit the corner of a curb or something. The corner of his mouth twitched.

Ty sounded really emotional, but Keith was having trouble focusing on the words. Plus Keith wasn't touchy-feely like that, so he just nodded his head.
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