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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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The secret to a good lie was to wrap it up in truth, especially things people knew were true. It made the whole thing more believable. And a little lie like this? It'd be no harder to justify later than trying to soothe Oskar. It was what she had to do to keep from getting hurt. "Oskar killed Jane," she said softly. It'd already been all over the announcements. That wasn't the bombshell. She clutched the dress with crocodile tears in her eyes. "It's not mine...the blood, or the dress. After he shot her, he, he..." She paused for dramatic effect. Swallowed hard.

Oskar was a killer. Worse than that, he was vermin. She didn't need to protect his reputation. "He held the gun up to me, and made me change into her dress. I don't...he called me Jane a couple times, after that." Her eyes went to Blair, then Wolfie. "I think he snapped," she whimpered with a little crack in her voice, "like, like he didn't know who I was anymore, or he was trying to pretend it didn't happen or something."

With that, she looked back around the library with a deep breath. "I dunno. I snuck away while he was sleeping, and I've been hiding here 'cuz..." Caedyn let a shiver creep down her spine before staring at the door, and wrapping her arms around herself defensively.

Beat that, you snarky little shit.
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