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Can you hear me?
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“Don’t what?”

Junko pointed the flashlight’s beam back at Hannah. She seemed nervous. For a moment, Junko’s face was expressionless, serious. Then she smiled.

“Hannah… you think I’m gonna hit you with it?”

She had to chuckle again at that. Seriously? Nah, not really. Well, maybe. It depended on what Hannah did. Junko still felt a little primed, in a way. Still willing to do the whole convo thing, but still. Still.

“No, probably not. Unless you turn out to be, like, a douche or something. You’re not a douche, right?”

She drummed her fingers along the bat’s handle. Hannah hadn’t been a douche yet. However, emphasis on “yet.” She did have a board, after all. If Hannah wanted to, she could just run up and hit her. Junko could defend herself from that, but y’know.

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