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Because I promised:

Here's why I rank Noah really highly for Laure, up near (though not quite at, but I've not really fully caught up yet) Asa. Basically, most of Laure's characters exist in a certain framework with certain similarities, and I feel that Noah is one of the best distillations of that framework from a craft level. Almost all of Laure's kids are artists of some strie, and not casual artists but pretty dedicated ones. Their different modes of artistic expression (Asa's column, Taylor's fashion, Claire's filmmaking, Rachael's literature, Sophie's dance, Nadia's fashion, Louisa's poetry) color what they do and how they see the world, while also reflecting their characters. The thing is, sometimes that has historically led to lopsided narratives--I'd actually pick Claire as an example of this, where everything about Claire's narrative comes around to film again and again, and sometimes that's not totally appropriate to the scene or is tonally disruptive.

Noah, on the other hand, has his drag thing and it exists in a way that relates to his life and lies parallel to it but also has a very clear on and off mode--sometimes he's in character but mostly he's not. This also flows into the narrative; there's a greater level of discipline as to when his stuff comes in, and its appearances feel more honed and calculated (though not necessarily less frequent). Perhaps because Noah's art is this whole other persona, it feels more a part of him and yet also less a summation of him than with many of Laure's other characters. It's a nicely struck balance, and one that impressed me a lot throughout pregame--really cool growth to see in Laure as a writer.

Noah also has a few other hings going for him. His medium is goofy, sometimes politically incorrect, and very much an acquired taste, and I think that translates better to actually being shown to the audience through the written medium. If a joke doesn't land, well, that's fine. Jokes often don't land, and Noah's a teenager doing this in his spare time. His narrative knows that, too. It welcomes us to think Noah's hilarious, but is also fine if we think he's somewhat obnoxious. He even gets called out on the potentially problematic implications of his act during pregame, and his narrative grapples with the issue rather than sidestepping it. Noah is also portrayed as successful in the story, but successful to a modest degree, not a tremendous one.

So I guess what I'm saying is that Noah, despite having one of the most off the wall hobbies of all of Laure's characters, at the same time manages to be quite grounded and relatable, human and never a caricature even as he and his narrative intentional delve into the realms of caricature. He stood out positively to me when I was tracking V6 Pregame, and really represented some cool and major artistic steps to me even in fairly nascent form, enough so that I wanna go to bat here for a spot near or at the top for him.

Also, the bits of his Meanwhile I've read rock, but I'm not really counting that into the equation.
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