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Michael Mitchellson (V5) > Anzu Sakamoto (TV2) > Harold Porter (V6) > Erik Lowell (TV2) > Daniel Whitten (V5) > Alice Gilman (V5) > Ashley Sydor (PV2)

If I were to include Asha and Cass, they'd probably both be higher than Michael, but idk in which order. Scattered thoughts on the rest:

  • Michael is the longest lived of all my kids, and my only real problem in hindsight was the series of pacing mess-ups that sprung out of inactivity (looking at you, Adam/Eve/Steve.) Also - I'm still proud of his death, but I'm not so much a fan of his death post. Mostly on the prose side of things.
  • Anzu was an incredibly fun character to write and I like her a lot in general, but I really regret the way I handled her after Caroline died, which was enough for me to place her below Michael. Thankfully that detour lasted for only a thread and a half.
  • Harold, Erik, and Daniel all fall under the same general category of "generally nice guy who dies super early," so there's not much to say about them. Daniel barely had any time to breathe in game, which is why I'm doing him for SC. Erik had really strong first and last threads but the middle two were pretty insubstantial. Harold had a good if brief arc, imo, without any real wasted time.
  • God. Alice. I'm sorry but I had no idea what the fuck I was doing with you. Like, at all. I don't think she was terrible overall, even after she lost her way, and I still like her death thread a lot. Here's to her second chance.
  • Even though Ashley's last I still feel generally alright about her. She was just my very first "on-island" character, and most of her issues sprang from general inexperience. Her good bits just weren't as good as Alice's good bits.
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