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Ooh, I can talk about myself!

About half of them I put in italics because I'm not 100% sure how good they are yet.

Bradley Floyd (V6) > Kiziah Saraki (V6) > Yagmur Tekindor (TV2) > Harun Kemal (V4) > Chuck Soileau (V5) > Sunil Savarkar (V4) > Michael Fischer (v5) > Augustus MacDougal (V4) > Alex Tartaglia (Program)

So, in order:

  • I'm super proud of how Bradley turned out.
  • I'm proud of Kizi too (because, yeah, I think I've gotten a lot better at writing character voices lately), but so far it's a more lowkey pride right now, and while I have vague plans for her, I'm not sure how well they'll go. If it goes well, she'll probably go ahead of Bradley.
  • Yags I like because he started off as a joke in chat and became a pretty decent character. He also gave me the confidence to do more character voice stuff with Bradley and Kizi.
  • My writing's improved a lot since Harun, but I remain pretty proud of his postgame.
  • I'm proud of Chuck's character, but yeah, I did nothing with him, so he may go up the list depending on how SC2 goes.
  • Same with Sunil, but less so.
  • I thought Michael was okay, but his more interesting attributes, I think, are being explored elsewhere.
  • Dougal is the first one I'm lukewarm on. Looking back, his profile was a bit of a poorly-assembled mess, my attempt to make him a character with more of an out-of-school life missed the mark, and yeah. Condor generally improved on him in every way.
  • And I think I wrote a guy called Alex once. I liked the posts I wrote with him ingame, as minimal and non-existent they were, but he was a pretty dull character.
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