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Ben saw her immediately, of course. It wasn't as if she was trying to hide. Processing that fact, however...

Deciding what to do was difficult. There had been a plan of action for a situation like this, he was sure of it. And if he had had the chance, he might have even acted on it, but for the moment he came up blank, not devoid of thought, but rather stuck between several different and equally loud suggestions that were ricocheting off the inside of his head, each effectively nullifying any possibility that the others might have an effect.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on whose perspective you take, his instincts and the sudden, quivering masses of fear and panic that represented the entirety of his emotions at that moment, stepped in. He yelled, and took an involuntary step backwards, which was now defined as away-from-the-blood-soaked-girl-with-the-pickaxe, and then another in quick succession. Several steps later, he stumbled, his heel catching on a rock, but he managed not to fall on his behind, instead landing awkwardly on his bag and side.

It was at this point that the girl let the pickaxe drop into the sand, and asked him a question. A relevant question. A question he would ponder when his mind became unscrambled.

However unlucky falling down had been for his situation, it had narrowed down his options, which gave him room to think clearly, especially when the girl decided to glare at him instead of talking. And as such, he managed to form thoughts such as: "How the hell did she sneak up on me?", Why were you being so careless?, "I'm going to die!", "Mom!", Look where you're going when you run off!, "My thigh hurts..." and "Who is she?", several of which, including the last one, were uttered out loud, though he himself didn't notice which ones. After a moment one thought managed to worm its way into the forefront of his brain: You're on the ground. You should probably get up.

He quietly heeded the advice, scrambling to his feet by way of hands and knees, not taking his eyes off the girl. In the process his bag slipped off his shoulder, but he caught the straps with both hands and swung it in front of him. There he stood, hunched over somewhat and preparing to run, when he noticed something: The girl had an eye-patch. The girl who had pointed a gun at Lili had had an eye-patch. Which meant that this girl had a gun.

"Running isn't an option, then.", said the voice, stating the obvious.

Ben agreed. So he stayed put. The girl hadn't killed Lili. The girl hadn't shot him. And the girl wasn't attacking him.

And she had asked him a question. Fuck, answer it, quick! She wouldn't like the real answer, that he was trying to avoid people, since she was people. No, she wouldn't.

So, lie! Lie! Yes! Lie!

"Um..., but they could be in trouble!", he exclaimed, then gulped.

Or... tell the truth. Whatever works.
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