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Ben didn't want it, or rather like he felt he shouldn't take it. And he wasn't telling him what had happened to his arm. Ben could be stubborn about things to a irritating degree, even so, this felt like a far cry from the Ben back home. But! He is Will's friend, and he will be damned if he was going to let him get himself infected or killed.

"Ben, you need it more than I do." Something had shook him badly, obviously getting shot fucks you up badly, but there was somethig else. Something weighing him down. Will knew the feeling, a sense of failure that refused to leave. Ever growing and festering as the hours went by and more regrets added to it. Made you feel like utter shit, but he was going to stop that. He'd already lost someone to this horrible game, He wasn't going to lose more.

Ben turned his attention over to the girl, Penelope was her name. Will stopped rummaging through his bag as he listened to him speak. Talk of a plan, probably what they were talking about before he came here. Will had no interest in any plans escape or otherwise that was not the one he already had, but Ben obviously was and he wasn't going to leave him hanging. He kept quiet, waiting for her response.
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