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Well, better now than never.

"Hey, uhh.. Jerry, uh.. can you promise me you won't, you know.. shoot me while I'm asleep, or something like that?" He was being entirely serious.

Maybe he was being paranoid. Maybe. He didn't know what kind of thoughts popped into Jerry's head. And he didn't know whether or not he'd act on them, but anything went on Pissfuck Island, population: who the fuck knows? Of all the people he could possibly run into, he ran into someone like Jerry. Jerry wasn't stupid, sure - at least, he was hoping Jerry wasn't stupid - but Jerry just.. didn't strike him as that clever.

If Jerry wasn't clever, then he would have shot him the moment he saw him if he felt like it, right? Hey, maybe Jerry was entirely trustworthy. He might be a fantastic guy who wouldn't even consider shooting him or doing anything like that. Maybe he was just being a paranoid idiot because Alvaro - supposedly Nate's friend - didn't seem to have many objections to trying to kill said friend.

He was just being paranoid. Sure.

"Ah, fuck it, nevermind. I'm just being paranoid, I guess. Let's just, uh, start looking for your friend."
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